Decisions, which leads to more sustainable and resilient cities, need to be build on appropriate informations, but traditional Geographic information systems (GIS) tools are not able catch up with demands of urgent development and data inequality in rapidly urbanizing regions.


Therefore, in the Future Cities Laboratory under the lead of prof.Stephen Cairns, we developed ur-scape. This tool supports decisions makers with spatial indicators, analysis and scenario simulations when they are most needed, thats mean during the discussion with partners. Instantly ur- scape brings together best available data from different stakeholders and offer analysis immediately ( “on the fly” ) ,in visual and interactive way, without any needs for GIS technical skills. 


As Design Leader I was guiding development of the ur-scape to give user full control over analysis and simulations in every moment of the work to preserve human driven planning principles. In our design we are integrating qualitative and quantitative data at multiple scales, what gives stakeholders complete understanding of the consequences within simulated actions . Open source development allows cities adapt every aspect to their local needs and keep tool relevant and affordable.


In short time after the first release ur-scape attracted strong interest from organizations as the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, the Rockefeller 100 resilient  cities and The ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning of Indonesia.


The tool has been implemented in the city of Bandung, Indonesia with the personal support of the city major and support from Asian development bank and Swiss secretariat for foreigner affairs (SECO). Planning is now underway to roll out the software to some of 27 other cities in Indonesia. Further interest in the software is coming from cities in India, Bangladesh and China.

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