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Lectures for Bauhaus Weimar University

Where is the border between Urban Design and Urban Planning? Is sustainable design starting when we are modeling urban form, or when we analysing site for how much area is available for sustainable development?

Architects and Urban designers are more and more in need to understand caring capacity of a site and all relations given by neighbourhood and region context. Big and long term development projects can provide this knowledge and data in relevant steps. But what can be done in the regions with rapid development or smaller and student‘s projects which don’t have capacity to make comprehensively planning analysis in advance.

Therefore students from Bauhaus Weimar University got training in planning support tool ur-scape developed by Urban Rural System team in Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore. This tool can help them to interact with geographic and demographic data in user friendly environment and make basic planning analysis. This tool which is used by many cities in South East Asia supports decision making processes with data and „on the fly“ analysis.

One of the most commons challenges when we are working with data is obviously question, where to get the data? ur-scape offers great open datasets database in great resolution and available from whole world, but of course for city and neighbourhood scale we will often required import own data. Therefore the course tailored for Open Teaching Platform of Bauhaus Weimar University was mainly focused on locating and importing site specific data. Each lesson was trying to answer different planning task and work with different types of data which planners are typically working in their practices.

As a guest lecturer responsible for this part of the Urban modeling and simulation modul, I would like to express my big excitement that this lesson is free and available for anybody. I believe that this tool can help urban designers and cities overcome the gap between urban design and urban planning.


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