I am a designer and developer of the interactive urban data visualizations not only in the context of smart cities.

I have over 6 years of experience with allowing teams materialize their visions in some of the most influential companies and research institutions around the globe ( Coop-Himmelblau, Future Cities Laboratory, the ETH Zürich’s research unit in Singapore )

In the role of design leader, I have driven planning and design support tools to successful implementation in Southeast Asia's mega-cities and as part of this effort I was systematically interacting with local governments and key patrons from industry and the banking sector (Shell corporation, Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, the Rockefeller 100 Resilient Cities ).

The position of freelancer allows me to globally offer a flexible approach to project development, from preliminary sketches helping to explore basic visions to developing full interactive tools as a part of the team.

In my projects is main focus alway on the strong concept with the quantitative indicators to support the decision-making process and on storytelling to engage user imagination.

My personal passion is collection Open data from all around the globe and I developed strong know-how in using them in all phases of the project development.


Projects support:

​- Preliminary visual sketches and storyboards

- Proof of concept interactive visualizations

- Interface development (Web-based, Augmented reality etc.)

- Mock-ups with integrated data development 

- UI / UX design consulting in full project development

- Data processing and Data collection consulting

In case you would like to know more about how I work please drop me a line.


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